The Games We Play

That Game Show Guy is EVERYTHING game show!

We bring the Game Show experience to life for you and your guests.


We offer any of the following games listed in order of popularity:

Feud Style: 2 teams of 5 battle it out to answer survey style questions! This game is our most popular and we can accommodate a large amount of players.  Up to a total of TEN players at a time. If you tell me are the characteristics of the crowd, I can gear the questions to match your guests.

This is our HOT SELLER (so to speak) Fun is had by all participating contestants or if they would rather just watch, the audience as well. The Lights, Sounds and Set are all FEUD!

Who wants to a Millionaire Style: A Multiple choice Question and Answer game where up to 8 GROUPS of players compete at the same time. This difference here is that right answers make you go up the track and wrong answers make you go down!

With everyone competing at the same time…Player shinanigans take center stage as player try to outwit the group next to them! Uses: Multiple Choice remote control Game Show Buzzers!

Jeopardy style or what we like to call…Jeo-parady Very similar to the TV game…except we can personalize all the questions to your Event.

On request The set on this one is 3 individual Contestant podium with their own score board…truly like being on a Game Show set!

Something special with this game is we can have matches with as many as 5 players all playing at the same time. (Just only 3 podiums)

Oh! and Wheel Of Fortune Style…I say OH as it is sort of Anti-climactic compared to the other games.


We also have a variety of icebreaker games where you go head to head against me!

YES/NO: – Icebreaker challenge where one on one against me, players come up and have a 30 second competition again me and simply…We talk for 30 seconds and using the word YES or NO is forbidden!

Right is Wrong: Simply, I ask 10 questions and the player must answer everyone incorrectly! This is SOOOO easy that so many people, well…get it right…err wrong.



Visual Puns Showdown: One of newest and more popular games where 2 players go head to head with the Game Show Buzzers and try to solve 5 visual Puns on the screen. The Audience is just riveted and on occasion, we need to split the room in ½ as everyone gets involved!

Lastly a highly cerebral and energetic game called “Order Me” A game where 5 players go head to head in a Mathematical-Computational-Abstract-moving game.